Monday, 1 May 2017

New blog alert

Hi all I hope you are all well I would like to let you all know that I have started up a new blog over at

I would really appreciate if you could all go over and give it a follow as I will no longer be posting on craftymum thank you

Sunday, 2 October 2016

back again

hi all

long time no speak I am so sorry but life has defiantly  gotten a lot more hectic already

I am currently a week away from my official due date but have feeling little man will be here before then

we are all currently on very high alert I have been nesting like a mad woman and have been in nicknamed preggosaurus by my delightful daughter because apparently nowhere is safe lol

crfatydad has told me that his  colleagues at work are literally jumping at every phone call incase It is me whisking him away

I have not done anything in th way of Halloween crafting as yet as tbh I have been so tired but I have started xmas shopping so I suppose that is something I will be planning a week of activity's for when it is half term

anyway I am off sorryif this post is all over the place but so is my head frankly lol

will hopefully be posting on Wednesday if little Man doesn't decide to make and appearance


Sunday, 17 July 2016

school holiday preperations

so it is officially 2 and a half days until my little princess finishes school for a whole 6 weeks

I must admit I look  forward to shool holidays because it means I get my baby girl home lol

this year will be a little different as craftydad will only be home for 2 days each week  so all big activities will be scheduled for those days as I am currently 28weeks pregnant so not going to be hulking a picnic basket around on my own especially if we ever get any nice weather  lol 

she has also asked if we can do some home-school  so I have been printing out some worksheets etc to prep her for  life in year 2 ( scary to say that)

I am also going to attempt a sort out of her bedroom while she is at home in prep for her room makeover  before baby boy is here

Monday, 4 July 2016

I am back

Hey everybody
Welcome back to my blog

Its been a while since I have posted so let me update you all on what's been happening at craftyHQ

I am currently pregnant with a baby boy who is due In October

Craftydad is now in fulltime employment in a job that he is loving

Craftymoo is still loving school and will be moving up to year 2 in September

And finally craftycat is still as daft and cute as ever

I am hoping to be able to post weekly now that we have established our new routine and also joys of pregnancy gave at the moment calmed down

Keep checking back as I will be starting my summer holiday planning very soon

See you all soon and I hope I am forgiven for abandoning you all for a while


Monday, 14 March 2016

long absences and big exciting plans

hi all sooooo sorry for being MIA for a while but I have been working on a super secret project which I can't announce quite yet but I promise it will be very very exciting

ANYWAY let me catch you up on whats been happening

DD as usual has been getting great school report and even better parent/teacher evenings

Hubby has been really enjoying his work placement

I have been busy working on said project above and  doing normal housewifery things

Crafty cat has been her normal crazy self

throw into the mix playdates . PTA meetings and school events and I hope you can all forgive me for being a bit slack with my blog

I do hope that things will start to calm down very soon


Monday, 25 January 2016

meal planning and moneysaving

hi all

so one of my new year goals for this year was try and meal plan for the month

last year I was doing it on a weekly basis but I have challenged myself this year to be prepared with 2/3 extra meals available each week in case of illness/guest etc.

I have been loving shopping with muscle food lately   you can also get some free stuff using this link

they are always offering discounts so its defiantly worth following them on social media as we find for  family of 3 the hampers last us anywhere between 6 - 7 weeks and for roughly £60 this works at 1.60 per day for meat for a meal so I cannot complain at that

I have also been using the subscribe and save at amazon for my laundry and also crafty cats food as again this is a great option for money saving

anyway I am off I will post again soon

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

washing machine dramas and all that jazz

hi all

sorry it has been a while it has been a nightmare few weeks if it not on thing its another yesterday was really the nail in the coffin as my washing machine decided to stop working so after being on the phone for at least half an hour I was informed that an engineer would be out on Saturday so we will see

apart from that its been a great start to the new year we welcomed a brand new baby cousin in to the family and I have to admit he has made me very very broody lol

we have a few achievements with my brother who is now  in school full time even after recently  being diagnosed   with diabetes  for us this is huge breakthrough as last year he was afraid to go

my sister is doing really well and is happily engaged to her boyfriend who is such a lovely guy

DD is doing wonderful at school and is receiving nothing but praise from her teachers

me and the hubby haven't killed each other yet so I guess that's good ( right ) haha

we have some very exciting plans in place for this year so please do keep popping back