Sunday, 17 July 2016

school holiday preperations

so it is officially 2 and a half days until my little princess finishes school for a whole 6 weeks

I must admit I look  forward to shool holidays because it means I get my baby girl home lol

this year will be a little different as craftydad will only be home for 2 days each week  so all big activities will be scheduled for those days as I am currently 28weeks pregnant so not going to be hulking a picnic basket around on my own especially if we ever get any nice weather  lol 

she has also asked if we can do some home-school  so I have been printing out some worksheets etc to prep her for  life in year 2 ( scary to say that)

I am also going to attempt a sort out of her bedroom while she is at home in prep for her room makeover  before baby boy is here

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