Monday, 25 January 2016

meal planning and moneysaving

hi all

so one of my new year goals for this year was try and meal plan for the month

last year I was doing it on a weekly basis but I have challenged myself this year to be prepared with 2/3 extra meals available each week in case of illness/guest etc.

I have been loving shopping with muscle food lately   you can also get some free stuff using this link

they are always offering discounts so its defiantly worth following them on social media as we find for  family of 3 the hampers last us anywhere between 6 - 7 weeks and for roughly £60 this works at 1.60 per day for meat for a meal so I cannot complain at that

I have also been using the subscribe and save at amazon for my laundry and also crafty cats food as again this is a great option for money saving

anyway I am off I will post again soon

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