Wednesday, 20 January 2016

washing machine dramas and all that jazz

hi all

sorry it has been a while it has been a nightmare few weeks if it not on thing its another yesterday was really the nail in the coffin as my washing machine decided to stop working so after being on the phone for at least half an hour I was informed that an engineer would be out on Saturday so we will see

apart from that its been a great start to the new year we welcomed a brand new baby cousin in to the family and I have to admit he has made me very very broody lol

we have a few achievements with my brother who is now  in school full time even after recently  being diagnosed   with diabetes  for us this is huge breakthrough as last year he was afraid to go

my sister is doing really well and is happily engaged to her boyfriend who is such a lovely guy

DD is doing wonderful at school and is receiving nothing but praise from her teachers

me and the hubby haven't killed each other yet so I guess that's good ( right ) haha

we have some very exciting plans in place for this year so please do keep popping back


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