Sunday, 2 October 2016

back again

hi all

long time no speak I am so sorry but life has defiantly  gotten a lot more hectic already

I am currently a week away from my official due date but have feeling little man will be here before then

we are all currently on very high alert I have been nesting like a mad woman and have been in nicknamed preggosaurus by my delightful daughter because apparently nowhere is safe lol

crfatydad has told me that his  colleagues at work are literally jumping at every phone call incase It is me whisking him away

I have not done anything in th way of Halloween crafting as yet as tbh I have been so tired but I have started xmas shopping so I suppose that is something I will be planning a week of activity's for when it is half term

anyway I am off sorryif this post is all over the place but so is my head frankly lol

will hopefully be posting on Wednesday if little Man doesn't decide to make and appearance


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