Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Peppers, Plans and Tummy bugs

hi all

I am feeling more human this week so that's a good thing (right) managed to catch up with all of my chores and even managed to plant some peppers

we thought everything was going well until Thursday when DD caught the dreaded stomach bug that has been making its way around the school which meant she missed her best friends birthday party and also her school summer fair

seems to be one thing after another here lately but I have now made a start on my 6 week holiday binder we have decided to do themed weeks as its always more fun we wont be having a big holiday this year but will be having days out etc

also this week my lovely husband surprised me with this gorgeous Radley notebook it really is the little things that make me happy

we also went to a local car boot and brought a few things

first up was these gorgeous little girl and boy for measly £1

then I spotted this "Chanel" handbag I fell in love

and finally I see this shire horse which took me straight back to my childhood as my great nan always had  one on her mantle lol
sorry this week is a bit of a short post  but it has been very hectic


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