Tuesday, 2 June 2015

half term sickness and elves galore

so half term week was a bit of a wash out here at craftyHQ as I came down with a horrid bug/cold thing which just wiped me out completely I did manage to drag my sorry behind out on Thursday to pick up some crafty activity's at hobby craft for DD to do at home mainly sewing related as she is loving that at the moment while we were there they had a demonstration for the new playdoh dohvinci set which kept her (and crafty dad) entertained for about 20mins while I slowly mooched I decided to sneakily buy her one as a special treat as I had a 15% off voucher so it would obviously been rude not to use It lol

the rest of the week has consisted of a lot of Netflix as she is loving a show called Mia and Me at the moment so a lot of play has revolved around fairy's and elves I have arranged a photo shoot for her In august where they dress her up and let her run around a local country park then add sparkle and magic to the photos which I personally think she will love and also seeing previous shoots I think I will as well as making some gorgeous canvases for grandparents for Christmas

also after a little mooch in the charity shop I see these two books which will keep me going for a while
I have always had an obsession with pirates  so hopefully this will keep me entertained as it a complete history and the other one is just for but hope I will get some ideas

well all that's all for this week sorry it was not more exciting hopefully next week I will be bac to semi normal xxxx

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