Sunday, 4 November 2012

day 4 TIME

How do you spend your time? 

each day i spend my time with my daugther we do a little bit of cleaning as she loves polishing and hoovering lol then we make lunch together  in the after noon we do a little bit of home school and crafts then we prepare dinner as a family 

i love every moment  spend ith my daugther as i know they grow so quickly 

Are you a get up and go person?

i am a get up and go person most of the time  other days i think it has get up and gone lol 

 do you spend time procrastinating

i think i am little bit guilty of this sometimes and do leave certain task to the last minute 

cannot wait until tomorrows challenge 

ps will get some nail art pics up soon once i find my fake nails as i am going to take BJ advice and do a nail art a day  


  1. Looking forward to your nail art - sounds cool - BJ