Saturday, 3 November 2012

Day 3: Creativity

what does creativity mean to you 

creativity to me means being able to express yourself without judgement of others

how do you expess your creativity 

i express my creativity in my home by the way i design rooms etc i am also a huge fan of nailart which i do on a regular basis

what in particular are you most thankfull for in the creative areas of your life

i am lucky enough to have a husband who trusts my interior design choices so i am extremly proud of my home i am also lucky enough to have lots of family members who  love wearing my nail art

i am really enjoying this series and hope to start a art journal based on each day soon xxx


  1. You should post up some photos of your nail art hun, I remember you used to be pretty damn good at doing it
    x x x

  2. Fun getting to know you! Would be fun to see your nail art!

  3. I'm really thrilled that you see creativity in other areas of your life than art or craft. I've been trying to convince a friend who says she isn't creative that her amazing cooking is creative!

  4. Shame you haven't got 30 nails as you could have done one a day and worn your art journal. BJ

    Having trouble with the word thingy, already tried a few times AND OBVIOUSLY i MUST BE A ROBOT!!

    I'll have one more go............

  5. will get some of my nail art up soon x

  6. Do post photos of your nail art. While I don't have nails worth painting, I do enjoy seeing what can be done.