Sunday, 26 July 2015

muscle food , nature and fairys

hi all

so I admit I have been a terrible blogger and completely forgot to picture my muscle food delivery to show you all however I can tell you what I got and id with it all

I received 24 large chicken breast fillets 15 of which were put in the freezer whole whilist the remained were diced for curries ETC

2 400g of minced beef

4 rump steak

4 hache steak

1 minced chicken

I diced beef

2 beef burgers

all of which has been placed into my freezer

we also have 3 new resident to the crafty household some clawed frogs they are sp tiny so will add a photo when they have grown a tiny bit

also my local area have some nature events running so DD has been signed up to map/compass skills , bug hotels and also bird boxes as she will love them  we have also signed up for a FA skills course through #thisgirlcan who are running  free activities for girls

next week we are having a fairy week so expect lots of glitter and pink goodness in next weeks post



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