Saturday, 3 January 2015

1st post of 2015

So here it is the first post of the New Year and as I expect 1000 people have done before me here are my
                                                              NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS
1.        GET RID OF NEGITIVE PEOPLE now I don’t mean I am hiring a hit man but I am not surrounding myself with people who make me feel bad

2.        SPEND WISELY I don’t waste money but I want to get more for my cash this year

3.       COMPLETE THE 52 WEEKS OF SAVING CHALLENGE   if you are not aware of this challenge basically you save the amount that equals the week you are in E.g. 4th week of year =£4 saved ,52nd week = £52 saved etc by doing this I should have £1300 saved by next Christmas

4.       USE MY PLANNER  I waste way to much time during the day when I could be using it more efficiently I hope that by planning what I need to do I will have more time at weekends to spend with my daughter

5.       MEAL PLAN MONTHLY  I currently plan week by week  but am hoping that doing it monthly will save money in the long run

6.       BE A BETTER BLOGGER    self explanatory hopefully I will stick to my weekly posting schedule

7.       TRY AT LEAST 1 NEW RECIPE A WEEK  this one is a family goal we are going to pick a recipe that we want to learn to cook

8.       EAT HEALTHY   hopefully this will sort out a few issues I have been having health wise

9.       GET MY PASSPORT  sounds rather silly but we have 2 trips this year that require one and i don’t have it LOL

10.    HAVE A BETTER YEAR THAN LAST ONE I have so much rubbish chucked at me in 2014 I hope this year will be better

So there they are I hope you will join me for the highs and lows of 2015 


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  1. That sounds like quite some list! I am keeping it simple this year with 4 year long challenges