Friday, 26 September 2014

school week and general yummyness

so today marks a full week of school for my baby girl its amazing how far she has come already last friday she was sent home with her first ever homework and she sat down and completed it with out any fuss she has harvest festivalon the 14th as well as a family game night on the 17th

last night we had ralph the school dog teddy for the evening he came with his own little backpack and sleeping bag it was so sweet watching her change him in to hos pjs and put him to bed

i also had a PTA meeting last night which was very interesting

in other news i have found some delious gluten free yumminess for me which fit in with my new diet they are from a company called Angelic Foods which are unfortunatly not available in supermarkets at the moment which i think is ridiculous as they are so tasty

i will hopefully be posting a health update early next week when my latest results are back

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