Saturday, 28 June 2014

kitty kat haul

hi all

thought i would just update you with some of our kitten purchases i was lucky to be given a voucher from a friend who got it when she insured her dog and didn't need anything so kindly donated it to moo   so we went into pets at home and had a field day  this little lot cost me a measly 50p thanks to the voucher

we then went in to a local garden centre as we were on a hunt for a bed for her but with no luck however we did buy these for £2

we then went to the 99p shop and brought

then the only thing we were missing was a bed for her so after a quick mooch on the internet i came up with this

not bad for a 99p blanket and some stuffing i already had even if i do say so myself lol 

 also on the less frugal front my husband who was dead set again buying a kitten has just suprised me and got her this 

however this was  the budget we had set for her so i cannot moan plus it will last her forever lol 

hope you have enjoyed my post please feel free to ask any questions 


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