Monday, 26 May 2014

hello friends

hi all

I am back to the land of blogging  to be totally honest I have enjoyed having some time off  but I am back for good now things in crafty hq have been very hectic what with moo playdates , dance   class plus home-school so been running about like a blue-bottomed fly

we have just returned from our little break with my mum and I will be hopefully posting a full review plus some pictures very soon

we are also busy getting ready for our week long holiday to you guessed it DEVON  I cannot wait then after that we are welcoming our new little member of the family a little kitten named shadow I will of course be posting pictures of her/him on here as soon as they arrive home  as wellas posing picture of items hat we have purchased for them

also starting next month I will be doing a school preparation post with everything I have brought for moo starting school in September  

so as you can see I have been a busy little bee so I hope you will all forgive me for not posting for a while I will however be posting more frequently

ttfn see you all on Wednesday for my next blog post woop woop

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