Saturday, 27 April 2013

Busy bee

Sorry for lack of posts really struggling to find time to fit everything in at the moment

Anyway what have we been up to


We have mainly spent the day inside waiting on parcels and phonecalls so have spent it being creative we have made banana bread and banana lollies a huge shepereds pie for tea


Today was spent exploring the great outdoors we went and collect leaves and sticks and made a nature picture


Spent the morning doin some homeschool projects and the afternoon at playgroup getting messy and having a natter with the other mums


Day i was dreading this week we had to have preschool booster and mmr which tbh i was more worried about than her she never moaned once this afternoon we had preschool which she loved


Day at nans spent alot of time in the garden digging etc

And plans for rest of the weekend involve sorting though nans loft so expect some pics of the treasures i accumilate along the way lol

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