Friday, 8 February 2013

G is for Goals

Have you set personal goals for 2013?
yes i try to set my self 5 goals for the year on the 1st of january this years are 
  1.  cook at least 3 new recipes a week 
  2. write a budget and stick to it
  3. have a computer/tv free evening once a month 
  4. declutter 
  5. read more
If so, how are you getting on?
 i find i enjoy cooking more where as before it was a bit of a chore now i cannot wait to start  also haviug a budget written in front of me is really helping me put some money aside for emergencys etc  

decluttering is coming along nicely  i  am taking at least one bag/box to the  charity shop / tip run a week


  1. I'm impressed. We started to declutter our house last year but only managed half a room. And now we have my dad's house to clear!

  2. In some ways we're lucky in that we have moved fairly regularly and so manage to declutter each time. I'm impressed with your '3 new recipes a week'. I manage about 3 new ones a month.