Monday, 14 January 2013

busy times

hi all sorry i have been M I A for a long time had so many things happening its been one thing after another first up i had problems with my wisdom teeth which has caused me agony for at least 3 mths then had some problems with my little sister then with my little brother so been very difficult

anyway  i am back to my semi normal self

this week i have placed an order with approved foods mainly to stock up on baking supplies as the cupboard is looking bare 

i have also placed an order with a new company that i have discovered called hellofresh they provide all ingredients to cook 5 meals for  2 people i was lucky enough to receive a £20 off voucher making my  box only £29 (usaully £49) i am hoping to updated everyone on how the dinners work out for us if they work well i may incorpirate this in to my monthly budget

i have also got a veg and meat box due for delivery on wednesday so again i will update you all with whats included in that as well

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