Tuesday, 1 May 2012

the weather here in the south has been lovely so we decided to take a well over due wander to our local garden centre after browsing the vast amount of items on display we finally decided on some carrots and peppers for our veggie patch at nans then on the way to checkout my gorgeous little girl decided that she must have the spider plant that had caught  her eye as they were on an offer for 3 for 10 we also treated ourself to an umbrella tree and a gorgeous plant called a tradescantia pink ( which has been nicknamed the princess plant)
spider plant

umbrella tree

the princess plant

when we finally got to the  checkout the sales assistant mentioned that the store had a rewards scheme which offers 5 points per £1 spend, money off vouchers ,special offers and exclusive events not one to pass on a chance of a freebie i quickly signed up and paid after a quick visit to the aquarium we wandered  home  to admire our purchases


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