Tuesday, 8 May 2012

hey all hope you all had a great bank holiday here at crafty hq we went to
after browsing all of the wonderfull stalls and entertainment they had to offer we went and visited the little farm that they had available for the little ones where the moo fell in love with some chickens

after this we went back to my mums house where we  taught my little brother how to ride his bike he has been throught quite a bit in the past few years so for him this was a big milestone after a few fall he was off and we didnt see him the rest of the afternoon


also my sister has had a recall for an audition for petersfield youth theatre GOOD LUCK

 also this weekend i finally decided on  the final design for the cardigan i have been knitting for the moo so after a quick rummage in my wool stash this is the finished article 


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